• At allard, allard & associés, portfolio management
    is a science, not an
    intuition-based art.
  • We select stocks worth investing in by scrutinising
    the facts, not indulging in wishful thinking.
  • Our uncompromised independence allows us
    to make choices based exclusively on our clients’ needs.
  • Our value-based management style has historically
    delivered superior results
    to the “growth” approach…
    and with less risk.

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Allard, Allard & Associés wins an award

Profitable choices

The key to our value-based approach is investing in solid, profitable businesses whose intrinsic value is greater than the stock market valuation. Unmoved by stock market bubbles created by speculation, we find these solid stocks by scrutinising the facts, not indulging in wishful thinking. Ours is a rigorous and systematic methodology based on the objective, rational analysis of securities. Our confidence in our choices is reflected in the fact that we ourselves invest in the same companies as our clients.

A direct relationship

Our corporate structure eliminates intermediaries between clients and the manager responsible for their assets. We are intimately involved in each step of every investment, from setting investment policy to portfolio composition to meticulously analysing stocks. This means we are directly responsible to the client. Nevertheless, we are always happy to collaborate with financial planners, tax advisors, accountants, and other advisors of our clients.